About Joanne

Loud, fast talking, energetic mother of three who loves to change lives!

Joanne started her journey in 2007 as a student in class, with an extra 35 pounds, lack of sleep from her second child, and lack of "sexy"!  Well, she lost the weight, found the energy and got her SEXY back!

Zumba fitness changed Joanne's life.  Already a school teacher, she believes that teaching dance fitness classes is her true calling as an educator.   She is especially proud of her ability to create a judgment free zone in her classes, that attracts men and women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and ability.

Joanne has been teaching Zumba fitness classes for over seven years now.  Recently, she taught at a fundraiser for The Nephcure Foundation to the entire cast of the New Jersey Housewives.  She has been featured on numerous television shows, such as Verizon's Push Pause, Good Day NY, and The Dr. Steve Show.